Fifty Shades Parodies

There are dozens of Fifty Shades parodies around the web these days. Everyone from daytime TV hosts to popular automotive companies like Audi have created a Fifty Shades parody video in one way or another. That’s why we’ve decided to syphen through a bunch of these videos and find which ones are best. In the end, we came up with five of our favorites. Take a minute to watch each one below and then share this post for your friends to see as well!

Fifty Shades of Grey – Lego Trailer

Lego’s can get freaky too, can’t they? Maybe not. Still, this little two minute parody video will have you laughing out loud when you see the way they dress these lego figures up like Ana and Christian. The red room is absolutely hilarious!

Fifty Shades of Frozen

I had to add this one in since almost everyone reading this has probably seen Frozen at one time or another. But, I also have to add this: How can anyone combine Frozen with Fifty Shades?? The trailer is funny, but the combination of both Fifty Shades and a Disney movie seams weird!

Fifty Shades Darkest – Ellen and Jamie

You’ve probably seen the original Ellen in Fifty Shades of Grey parody video that she released back in 2014. That one was pretty funny, but this one is even better! Watch as Ellen and Jamie Dornan act together in Fifty Shades Darkest – Office supplies have never been so sexy!

Fifty Shades of Blue – Selena Gomez

Even popular music star Selena Gomez likes the Fifty Shades trilogy! Watch this three and a half minute Funny or Die parody video and it’s sure to get you laughing. Who thought it would be possible to fall in love with the painter? 🙂

Fifty Shades of Clay

Feel like watching the entire Fifty Shades of Grey movie in just six minutes? This parody video goes through the entire movie using clay figures and I must say, the figures look pretty realistic (although nothing like the real Ana and Christian). It’s worth a quick watch!