Fifty Shades of Grey Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey inspired Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Looking for something naughty to add to your wishlist this Christmas? Perhaps you’re looking for a present that will liven up your sex life. We’ve gathered all of the best Fifty Shades of Grey inspired gifts and compiled them here on our Christian Grey fan website to offer you this fabulous 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

Bedroom Toys

There are a number of awesome Fifty Shades inspired sex toys that are 100% wishlist-worthy. Take a look below at some of the most popular bedroom toys for Fifty Shades of Grey fans. Many of them have even made an appearance in the books during sex scenes involving Christian Grey and Ana Steele.



Another item you might want to add to your naughty wishlist are a few steamy books like Fifty Shades of Grey. For some ideas, click here to check out our list of books you should read after finishing the Fifty Shades trilogy. If you don’t already own a copy of Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian, you definitely need to add it to your holiday wishlist.


Fifty Shades of Grey DVD

If you don’t already own a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey on DVD or Blu-Ray, seriously add it to your list right now or just buy it yourself! After all, how can you call yourself a true Fifty Shades fan and not own the movie?!


Sexy Lingerie

Spice up your playroom sessions with some elegant lingerie sets. Have you heard of Adore Me? It is a new subscription-based lingerie delivery service that offers a wide selection of sensual styles and sizes. Shop Now for 50% off your first set of lingerie! Not only do they carry lingerie, they also stock a fab selection of nightwear and swimwear.

Sensual Care

There are all kinds of really neat items that are featured in the Fifty Shades of Grey Sensual Care Collection. Some of our favorites include the Fifty Shades Of Grey Aqua Lubricant, Fifty Shades Of Grey At Ease Anal Lubricant, the Fifty Shades Soothe Me After Spanking Cream and the Fifty Shades Of Grey Massage Me Candle.


Showcase your playful side with some Fifty Shades of Grey inspired jewelry. Check out the Fifty Shades of Grey Fine Jewelry Line or these Fifty Shades inspired selections which include handcuff bracelets, necklaces and charms.


Now you can combine your love for wine and your love for all things Fifty Shades! You’ll want to get yourself one (or two, or three … or four!) of these Fifty Shades of Grey Wine Mixed Packs to get you through the holidays. Each wine pack includes one 750 mL bottle of 2012 Fifty Shades of Grey Red Satin and one bottle of 2013 Fifty Shades of Grey White Silk.

If you are in need of any more gift ideas for a Fifty Shades of Grey fan, we invite you to take a look around the fan shop here on our website. We have reviewed lots of Fifty Shades inspired gifts including sex toys and play things.

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