Real Life Christian Grey

How to be Christian Grey

Filling the shoes of Mr. Grey is one really difficult task. If you’ve read the book or watched the movies then you probably already know why this elusive character is such a hunk. Never mind the good looks and everything else that is so dreamy about Christian Grey, continue reading to see what other things make this beautiful man who he is.

So, how does a man become Christian Grey in real life? Fiction is sometimes a bit unfair to mere mortals because these characters exist based on what we idealize. Creating such a perfect man in writing can be much easier than finding him in real life. Still, aside from the millions of dollars and extremely passionate romance scenes inside this series, there are plenty of other ways a man can be just like Christian Grey in the real world!

1. Nice Clothes Are A Must – Christian Grey is never flabby and always cares about his appearance. A perfectly-fitted grey suit screams elegance and looks both polished and perfect. In Mr. Grey’s view, looks might not be the ultimate test for a person’s identity, but it does matter. Looks complete your package as a whole. The sad truth is, people often get judged by how they look and that’s just the mechanisms of human psychology. The way other creatures have to make themselves look flamboyant, the novel illustrates how a man who looks his best can be on top of his game.

Christian Grey Clothes

2. Exercise Regularly – E.L. James never lacked the emphasis of Christian Grey’s abs and nicely toned body. The author painted a nice visual image in every single readers mind. One of a perfectly toned body that looked like it came straight from a Milan editorial magazine with an executive theme. For any real life Christian Grey to fit the role, they’ll need to lift weights and jog or swim on a regular basis. Those exercises will chisel your body into Mr. Grey’s shape.

3. Aim For A Lucrative Career – Christian Grey has a net worth of billions. However, don’t be ashamed if your net worth is still below the billion dollar mark. His billions of dollars are the result of an unfailing resolve to create a career which provides him cash flow. One of the best lessons you can take away from the story of Christian Grey was that he started with nothing and was adopted by a family who was positive. Along the way, he met people who taught him the ways of business. You need to seek out the people who can drive you to be the man who moves things, creates value, creates products, creates things. The money is only a result and it is in direct proportion to the value you give out into the world. So raise your value, learn a new skill and be the best at it.

4. Show Your Desire – Modern day relationships have actually been much different from past decades. Courtship tradition has changed, but the rules of the game still remain. Notice how Christian Grey is unapologetic when showing his desire even at first. He shows in by a consuming eye-contact that seemed to disarm Anastasia. Although the book illustrates how Anastasia seemed to prolong the chase, readers are captivated by his unapologetic way of showing his desire. He shows he wants her and he has a laser focus on her when she is there. Men can be taken aback and have inhibitions at first. Insecurities can diminish a man’s alpha dominance. To be a predator, you must not be scared of your prey. Be a lion, not a mouse.

5. Have Lots Of Confidence – There is a fine line between confidence and overconfidence. However, the difference between these two is so small that it’s better to be either confident or overconfident as opposed to shy and timid. Being shy, timid, anxious and insecure will not advance you to show your desire and be the man a girl would like to be a partner with. It is biologically ingrained in the brains of humans that unless a woman is born to have more testosterone than men, women will continually seek someone who has a protective nature, someone who is capable.

6. Be Territorial – The characteristic of being territorial and possessive goes all the way back to our primitive ancestors. It’s almost always the male who guards their territories and keeps them safe. A part in E.L. James book actually illustrates how Christian Grey was possessive of Anastasia when he had an encounter with a rival male. This is different from getting yourself into trouble. Being territorial means letting the woman see you as you see your worth. That you are worth respecting and you are capable of keeping her within your boundaries. This trait signals a primitive perception of male strength. So mark your territories because only the strong can do that.

While you might not be able to find an exact version of Mr. Grey in real life, everything listed above is natural and can happen in our society with anyone. The books and movies may provide a witty illustration of a character that women want. Assuming you (or your man) can match these six characteristics, you’re probably more like Christian Grey than you think!