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Best Jamie Dornan Movies

Best Jamie Dornan Movies

Fifty Shades Darker might be the latest installment of E L James’s trilogy, but it’s not the only film you can watch …

fifty shades parody videos

Fifty Shades Parodies

There are dozens of Fifty Shades parodies around the web these days. Everyone from daytime TV hosts to popular automotive companies like …

Fifty Shades Freed Cast Lineup

Fifty Shades Freed Cast

Universal Pictures has already released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Fifty Shades Freed film (you can watch it right here). Fifty …

Fifty Shades of Grey Meme

Wished for Mr. Grey

This funny Fifty Shades meme is dedicated to all the women out there who wished that Christian Grey would come visit them, …

Fifty Shades Freed Teaser Trailer

Fifty Shades Freed Trailer

Photo Credit: Universal The second Fifty Shades Freed teaser trailer was just recently put online and for those who don’t already know …

Fifty Shades Darker Quote

We’re Lovers

This quote goes perfectly with Fifty Shades Darker. Christian and Anna are finally together and things seam to be going pretty well …